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Published by Administrator, December 1, 2023

Update Changelog 00.00.17

Class Balancing

  • Reduced overall damage of Dark Lord class, since they were over powered in terms of damage and defense.
  • Reduced overall damage of Rage fighter class, since at 3 resets they were capable of taking on monsters in Swamp map.
  • Moderately increased overall damage of the following class: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Summoner and MG.
  • Increased PvE and PvP damage capabilities of Elf class since this was the weakest class in terms of damage output.

Christmas Special

  • Added in Red, Green, and Blue Ribbon boxes from monster drop pool.

-- These boxes drops goodies and chances for excellent items! That would be all! If you guys have any feedback on these updates, please feel free to let us know!

Published by Administrator, December 1, 2023

Update Changelog 00.00.16

We have turned PeaceSwamp map into an Exclusive VIP map which contains some juicy mobs! Do take note of the following:

  • Map is only exclusive to Gold/Platinum VIP accounts
  • Minimum level requirement is Level 50 and above.
  • Requires players to join a Gens side.

I have also included new monster spots on the following maps:

  • Lost Tower 7
  • Aida 1
  • Aida 2
  • Kanturu Ruins 1
  • Kanturu Ruins 2
  • Crywolf

This should help out our new coming players and Non-VIP players grind their resets. We will also be looking into updating and adding more monster spots on Arena for our Bronze and Silver VIP players. Please close your launcher and re-open in order to have the update applied. That would be all for now, enjoy! Special thanks to the community for helping out and give suggestions for spots on those maps.

Published by Administrator, November 26, 2023

Update Changelog 00.00.14

• Increased HP, Attack Damage, and Defense of Golden Invasion Monsters.
• Decreased Sepulan's (Hatchery Boss) Defense and Attack to compensate for his teleportation mechanics.
• Decreased Kundun7's over all stats since it was a bit overpowered based on the tests done.
• Updated Lucky Coin Exchange 30 -  Included additional types of spheres aside from the Fire seed. (Earth seed type not included due to issues discovered)
• Updated the drop pool of Box of Kundun +3 ~ 5 (List of item details per box below)
    Note: Drop pool of Boxes are updated in correlation to the increased difficulty of the Golden Invasion Monsters. 

Kundun Drop list: Click here

Published by Administrator, November 22, 2023

Update Changelog 00.00.13

- Jewel of life success rate increased from 50% to 65%.
- Choas castle changed to 1 minimum players participating the Event to start it.
- Adjusted Arena mobs.
- Party EXP no issues were found.
- Balanced Execellent items Options, decreased drop by 25%: Increase Attack (Wizardry) Speed, Chance of doing Excellent damage, Increase Attack/Level, Increases Attack, Defense Success Rate, Reflect Damage, Decreases Damage.

Published by Administrator, November 19, 2023